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Moving Forward

So, we didn’t quite make the funding goal on–but that’s okay! Life is an experiment, after all, and this just a smaller one within. The project will still move forward but over here, on it’s own site, instead of on the Kickstarter site. No problem.

You know the saying, right?

A failure to plan, is a plan for failure.

Well, I’ve still got plenty of plans. Kickstarter became, when the opportunity presented itself, Plan A2 (Plan A1, really, was the idea in the first place: make the book). Within that plan was a Plan A3 which was the idea that if we exceeded the original funding goal, the book would be a little spiffier overall, but still essentially the same.

In a way, this site and moving forward will be a bit like Plan B (go it on my own and see what happens, with an alternate print plan–more on that later) but is also Plan A1 in that it’s getting back to basics: make the book, see what happens. There’s also a tentative Plan C, too, that might be explored once I’ve got more down on paper, that came out of Plan A2.

Confused? Sorry, my blueprints aren’t exactly linear.

But, moving forward this blog (still very much a work in progress) will chronicle the creation of What to Feed Your Raiding Party. If you’re a former backer on Kickstarter, thank you so much for believing in the book and I hope you’ll follow along here. If you’re new to the project, check out the About page for the original Kickstarter pitch and read the previous post (the Original Press Release) for how this project got started. I’m going to be shooting for weekly progress updates (at the very least) and ongoing mini-fundraisers to cover the necessary costs that will be required. I’ll talk more about that later.

January’s goal is mostly writing-related. I need to outline the book as a whole, make lots and lots of lists of titles, recipes that need to be included/developed, techniques, charts, etc. and scripting the first couple of comic parts. Stay tuned (subscribing to the RSS feed is the easiest way, of course) and I look forward to seeing what happens next as much as you do!

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