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Menu Planning: January 4-10

See what I did there? Cute turn of phrase? Don’t worry, the book will be more witty. I hope.

At any rate, here are my goals for this first week of 2010:

  • Make a new header image that actually works for the blog. I like this theme, I think, I just need to do some tweaking. Photos have already been taken, expect the new header later this week.
  • Set up an organizational system for the book.
  • Organize my notes into said system.
  • Read through gaming ability sections to better hone the nutritional translations for the book.
  • Brainstorm recipe ideas for each section; assess what I’ve got so far.

Not a lot this week, but I’m also in the process of adjusting my current comics schedule this month to facilitate the heavy lifting part of things for the next month and so on.

I’ve already found a great organizational system this past weekend. It’s a great little photo organizer, actually, that is one big clear box with 6 smaller boxes meant to hold 4×6 photos but will work perfectly for the 4×6 index cards that I’ll be using to organize my notes and ideas.

Did you ever do that in high school or college? Ages ago (at least that’s what it feels like) we learned to organize a term paper with index cards. You had one set for Bibliography data that got a code, that code being transferred to each bit of information from that source on it’s own index cards and then you can shuffle them as necessary. The you had your outline for the paper itself that you used to organize all the data like dividers. Writing the final paper was basically an exercise in stringing the bits together with pretty language. It doesn’t totally translate to writing/drawing a cookbook, but it’s modular thinking and it works with my brain.

I started transferring my notes, as well, and jotting down the items I know I want in the first chapter. There’s still a ways to go, but I’m so excited to be officially starting!!! I’ll also be bringing over some of the stuff I shared over on the Kickstarter blog to catch everything up so it’s all in one spot.

More to come!

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