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Menu Planning: January 26-February 1

It took all week to get past the sinus/cough/ick so here’s where I am on last week’s list:

  • Brainstorm recipe ideas for each section; assess what I’ve got so far.
  • Make a list of types of recipes that need to be included to round out the offerings.
  • Write a treatment for each of the 5 comic stories, plus the introduction and resolution shorts. (almost)
  • Test a couple of known recipes.

As I tweeted, going to bed early does not make for productive evenings, but there really was no other way. On the up side, I got 4 of the 5 treatments written so I now have a jumping-off point to start scripting! This is good! The straggler will get taken care of this week, whenever I can fit in watching the source-movie for research. And since I’m feeling somewhat ambitious with the return of my health, here’s what I will be working on this week:

  • Continue brainstorming recipe ideas, nail down the most likely candidates.
  • Test 2 recipes.
  • Write a treatment for the 5th story.
  • Script introduction comic.
  • Work on character sketches for 3 main characters.
  • Make a list of techniques that need to be illustrated.

I’m amazed at where January went–it just flew by and I anticipate this last week of it will do the same. But, with Cocktail Hour going down to 1 update a week after this week, I forsee more time to devote to Raiding Party. Granted, not a lot of art is going to happen in February since I’ve GOT to get Random Acts Book 2 ready for the printers by the end of the month but the comics are only half of the book, still lots of planning and testing ahead.

Also on the docket (though not an actual to-d0 item, yet) is scoping out some nutritional analysis software and planning the first incentive for the fundraising that will go towards it’s purchase.

But I’m curious–I know what I want to see in this book. As someone who’ll be cooking from it, what sorts of things are YOU hoping for?

2 thoughts on “Menu Planning: January 26-February 1

  1. Samantha says:

    Pics of the completed recipe. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried a recipe and asked “is it SUPPOSED to look like that?” HAHAHA

  2. Profile photo of Jennifer "Scraps" Walker
    Jennifer "Scraps" Walker says:

    It’s true, we eat with our eyes just as much as we do with our mouths and if something doesn’t look to hot, our interest goes right out of the window. Of course, the more our food looks like food the less questionable the results should be 🙂


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