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Menu Planning: Feb 16-22

Things are looking up, again, even if I was sick most of this week:

  • Finish the list of techniques to be illustrated.
  • Evaluate intended recipe list on spreadsheet and fill any holes/balance out the offerings. (75% complete)
  • Test 1 recipe.
  • Script the Chapter 1 comic story. (50% complete)
  • Plan first fundraiser.

See? 85% productivity during a week when I spent most evenings in bed and felt like doing nothing before Sunday night is awesome!

Still working on the Chapter 1 script and the recipe list. I have a feeling that even when I “finish” them, they’ll still be works-in-progress until the book is sent to the printer.

The technique list remains knife-skill heavy. So much so that I’m wondering if it’s not worth doing either it’s own chapter in the book or, perhaps, it’s own illustrated e-book. It would serve 2 functions: allowing me to expand on the basics a bit and sales could help offset the print cost of ‘Raiding Party. It’s still an idea, but I’m liking it so far.

Speaking of printing costs: the first fundraiser will have a 3-pronged approach. Only without any prongs at all. First will be a downloadable wallpaper (or 2, depends on what I come up with) which will be able for a minimum donation of $1. Simple, huh? The next part is more tangible: a pack of 5 screen-printed recipe cards, printed by me in 4 spot colors. These will feature a little design I’m working on in one corner with the rest left blank so you can use them as recipe cards, note cards, bookmarks, whatever! Then, the 3rd option will be hand-bound pocket notebooks with the same 4-(spot)color screen print on the cover. I love making journals, have the supplies already, so it’s a natural option. Prices to be determined on those last 2 options closer to launch.

Which brings me to this next week’s to-do list.

  • Complete the intended recipe-list spreadsheet.
  • Finish the Chapter 1 comic script.
  • Design the art for the screen printed items.
  • Design 1 or 2 wallpapers for download.
  • Work on chef-to-gamer translations.

Notice what’s not on there? No testing recipes this week. Not that I’m slacking, I just know that in 2 weeks I’m going to be hosting a wedding shower for my brother and his fiance and several of the appetizer recipes will be quantity tested then, so this week I can work on other items–like figuring out the terminology exchanges between kitchen-speak and gamer-speak.

And I know I promised a new feature on the blog last week and I didn’t lie–honest! I just underestimated the amount of time it would take to bring that new feature to fruition. Feeling fairly confident, today, so come back Thursday to see my write-up of recommendations to serve with your next game of Shadowrun.

One thought on “Menu Planning: Feb 16-22

  1. Bernard Decosta says:

    Looks like quite a few xbox fanatics here, I am a fan also and love to play games… my girl says I play too much, but man it’s so enjoyable. I’ve been playing cod: modern warfare 2 and halo for weeks and can’t quit! What would you gamers recommend? In any case, appears like a nice website, is this wordpress? I’ve made a couple pages myself and ain’t easy. Cheers for taking time to writing this up.


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