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Menu Planning: Feb 23-March 1

How is it almost the end of February?!

  • Complete the intended recipe-list spreadsheet.
  • Finish the Chapter 1 comic script. (75%)
  • Design the art for the screen printed items. (20%)
  • Design 1 or 2 wallpapers for download. (40%)
  • Work on chef-to-gamer translations. (in progress)

Well, Little Shop of Tapas (the Chapter 1 comic) has taken a turn for the steampunk and I couldn’t be happier. It does mean the script isn’t quite finished yet, though, because I spent much of this week reading Fix the Pumps as research. But, really, the project will be better for it! Or, at least it will be once I pare down this monster of a strip I’ve got already! Something tells me my original estimates for 6-12 pages of comics per chapter might need to be altered. But, really, I don’t think that’s the worst thing in the world. 😉

Art designs are still in progress. I’ve got pencils down for the first wallpaper and I’m just tickled with the way my Short-Order Ogre came out. Sure, he’s a little more Dreamworks than D&D but I’m not sure I’d want the ogre from the Monster Manual cooking me breakfast, would you? Pencils are always the hard part for me, they take the longest so I think I’m well on my way to having the first wallpaper complete in the upcoming week.

Speaking of this week, it’s going to be pretty busy: I’m hosting a wedding shower on Saturday so just keeping some forward momentum is going to be challenging. It does mean that I’ll be able to test several recipes (at least 4!) for yields and actually measure the bits I do by habit.

And for this reason I’m not going to create a new to-do list, just keep up with the current one and not push it.

What did you think of the menu suggestions for Shadowrun, last week? I had a blast learning about the game and thinking them up! This week we’re going Arabian Nights with the AD&D 2nd Edition Al-Qadim manual and I’m thinking a bit of Moroccan flair is called for!

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