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Menu Planning: March 2-8

Well, no surprise, the Wedding Shower did keep me beyond busy this past week BUT I did get a few things done. Yay!

  • Finish the Chapter 1 comic script. (75%)
  • Design the art for the screen printed items.
  • Design 1 or 2 wallpapers for download. (50%)
  • Work on chef-to-gamer translations. (in progress)
  • Test 4 recipes.

Scripting wasn’t one of them. Back on track this week!

Here’s the basic idea for the “logo” for the screen printed items–the recipe/note cards and the covers to the mini books. Tada! The colors are representative of the inks I have for my gocco, with the exception of the yellow–it’s a little brighter than this shows but it was hard to find a good color match in Photoshop tonight. All it needs now is the website url fitting around it, under it, somehow incorporated (???) and I’ll be read to burn the screens and get printing.

The recipe/note cards will be 5 x 8 inches–a bit bigger than I’d originally thought but based on what was available when I hit the office supply store it is what is it. Actually, the more I think about it the better it is because it means they’re more versatile and less easy to lose. Right?

Also, thinking about a set of 5 for $2.50 ($2 at conventions since I don’t have to mail them). I’m really hoping to get them printed this weekend while I’m working on other MegaCon prep.

Speaking of art, the Short Ogre Cook has been inked but is still devoid of color. That’s also going to be a biggie to get finished up this week: the wallpaper.

The recipes I tested/created included a fabulous Pineapple Poppy Seed Slaw, some cheesy Spinach Puffs that are great for munching on, an Oven-“Fried” Chicken recipe (baking is way less messy and healthier but you don’t have to forgo a tasty, crunchy coating) and measured the ingredients for both the Loaded Potato Bites and the Spicy Black Bean Dip. Definite pluses there!

So this week, what’s on the to-do list?

  • Finish the Chapter 1 comic script. (75%) [Seriously, I have no idea why I’m so stuck on this thing, it should have been the easy one!]
  • Design 1 or 2 wallpapers for download. (50%)
  • Work on chef-to-gamer translations. (in progress)
  • Start screen-printing the note cards.

This week’s Food & Game Pairing will be Brit-themed to go with the James Bond 007 Games Todd dug out of his office. Thoughts on this on Thursday!

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