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Menu Planning: March 9-15

A much more productive week, thankfully, but I’m afraid it’s been eclipsed by preparations for MegaCon this weekend. If you’re in or around Orlando over the weekend and have half a mind to stop by the convention, I’ll be in Artist’s Alley, Yellow Section, table #8. Look for a large martini glass full of candy and it’s a good shot that’s my table (it’s listed under Jennifer “Scraps” Walker). Come say hello!

  • Finish the Chapter 1 comic script.
  • Design 1 wallpaper for download.
  • Work on chef-to-gamer translations. (still in progress)
  • Start screen-printing the note cards. (So close!)

Finally the script for Little Shop of Tapas is finished. At leas the first draft. It’s a little loose but has the necessary bits in there that I can expand on once I get to drawing it. Whew! Actually, a happy accident occurred in that I lost half of what I already had done. As angsty as that made me, it made it easier to revise what had survived the glitch, plot the major points in a rather old fashioned way (pen and paper), do some rearranging and then fill in the gaps. It’s sitting at a neat and tidy 16 pages which I’m really okay with. And I like my ending. Yay! Feels so good to get that off my list!

The wallpaper featuring our Short Order Ogre is uploaded! There’s 9 sizes available–hopefully one will at least get close to your screen resolution. I’ve got 4 at 4:3ish, 4 at 16:9ish and one even for netbooks. I have another one in mind but I think it’ll be April before that one is unveiled–maybe we’ll do it monthly. Any donation will bring you to the download page, and right now donations are going towards the cost of the nurtitional analysis software that will be instrumental in providing the data on each recipe, followed by the ISBN costs to get our number and bar code, making it official. Just click the (very tiny–any clue why it’s showing up so small?) donation button over in the sidebar and thanks in advance!

The translations are ongoing, but I do feel like with each book I read I’m getting a better feel for the games and the folks who play them.

I really wanted to start printing tonight but I have a flyer to design and, unfortunately, the flyer fairies didn’t play around in Photoshop last night and do it for me. Still, the comp is made, the screen is burned and the blocking foam is in place. Providing I can get on the ball and get my comic done tomorrow night I will have shiny new cards printed and ready for ordering. If not Tuesday, Wednesday definitely. After all, I want to bring them to MegaCon with me!

Due to the convention, I’m not making a to-do list for myself for this week. We’ll be in Orlando Thursday night through Monday morning, and the evenings before then will be spent checking over and packing materials. I look forward to things calming down a bit once we get this first Con over with, the next one not until May. Not that I’m not looking forward to it, I am! I just want to be able to move forward on ‘Raiding Party’ as well 🙂 For the same reasons there will not be a Food & Game pairing this week, either. We’ll pick up as usual next week.

Until then…

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