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Menu Planning: March 31-April 5

Here’s where we left off last week:

  • Evaluate the recipes that have been tested so far
  • Script Chapter 2 comic (begun)
  • Write up support/reward options
  • Make testing list for following week

The first and last tasks, of course, kinda go together. It turns out I’ve tested about 25% of the recipes for the bool. Not bad, really, for having thrown one in here, one in there. BUT! With the goal of advancing things considerably in that department I’ll be testing a whopping 17 recipes over the next week and a half which’ll bring my progress up to 42%. I love numbers, they make things so… measurable!

The support/rewards page is in progress. Technically it is written so I can cross it off the list (tiny victories) but it still needs some polish and some paypal button magic to happen before I’m ready to share.

Chapter 2’s script is begun, the beat sheet is created (which really helped when I was stuck on Little House of Tapas) and I’m in the process of framing out the action. I know, right now, it’s not exactly exciting to hear about all this background work but, well, it’s all part of the process! Things’ll get more interesting, soon, and in the mean time feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

The list for next week looks like this:

  • Complete the Chapter 2 comic script
  • Complete the support/reward sponsorship page
  • Test a boatload of recipes
  • Road test software for nutritional analysis

And, of course, on Thursday we’ll have another Food & Game Pairing!

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