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Food & Game Pairing: Toon!

Case Study: Toon : The Cartoon Roleplaying Game

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Races: any species (Human or Animal) or object (Robots and Toasters and things like that)
  • Main Setting: the animated world where gravity only works when you think about it and physics are flexible at best.
  • Setup: Anything goes as long as it’s funny!

Who wouldn’t want to find themselves smack dab in the middle of their very own Looney Tunes adventure? Steve Jackson Games has given you the opportunity to do just that with Toon. You pick a species, an occupation, roll up your character in terms of Muscle, Zip, Smarts and Chutzpah and roll up your hit points. You can pick a Natural Enemy and use various skills against them. Not to kill them–there is no death in Toon–just to “knock them down” when they’re out of hit points. They sit out for 3 minutes and then jump right back into the fray.

The best food for a game like this is FUN food! Sure, all food should be fun but, let’s be honest, it isn’t always. I also think this is the perfect opportunity for a pie-party. Everything in a crust of some sort. Chicken Pot Pie becomes Roadrunner Pie, Shepard’s Pie becomes Sheep-in-Wolves-Clothing Pie, play a little Duck Season-Rabbit Season with the Game Pie of your choice. Try some Empanadas for Speedy G’s Hand Pies. And, of course, don’t forget any variety of dessert pies (French Silk with a stripe down the center for your favorite skunk, Lemon Meringue for the Tweetie fans, etc.) with plenty of whipped cream. And, hey, if a little gets tossed around in faces–no harm, no foul.

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