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Menu Planning: April 20-26

Well, that was a fast week–did someone catch the license plate of that thing that just flashed by?

No? Oh, it’s okay, I’m sure the damage is only temporary *twitch*

Kidding! But it really was a quick week and lots doing–mostly in the Abyss trying to make it a more functional space. Why is this important? Have you ever worked in an area that did okay at it’s job but you sorta had to put blinders on to the clutter over here and maybe ignore that the back third of the space isn’t really accessible because there’s some boxes left over from the move and the space isn’t really being used quite right? That was the Abyss. Until this past week when I came up with a plan (that was merely waiting on some funds to implement) and began a massive purge of the miscellaneous accumulation of stuff. A lot is getting kept and organized, but a lot also is getting the ol’ heave ho and the new shelves are in place and there’s paint and just, oh, lots of change going on.

Kinda like with the rest of my creative life–a more organized space will reflect the more organized path I’m on. I think I’m almost there with both of them.

So… last week’s list:

  • Script the next comic story. (in progress)
  • Test my top 3 contenders for the nutritional analysis software.
  • Work on the sponsorship pages.

Yes, well, there was the organizing…

So this week will be much of the same as far as the list goes. Mostly because my brother’s getting married this weekend down at St George Island (don’t even get me started–oh the comics that will come out of this!) and I’m doing the wedding and groom’s cakes which means my week is sorta shot from the beginning. But there’s only so much to do while cake layers bake and I will have my laptop down at the beach house–I foresee hiding in our room at any given time being a true possibility.

The next Food & Game Pairing will be April 29th (game TBA) and then will follow an every-other-Thursday schedule with a bit more regularity. I can tell you that the next comic story is coming along and that I’m really looking forward to drawing it! The sponsorship pages I’m waffling about a few components, but they are also in progress, just not seeable progress.

You know what they say about writers, right? Just because they’re not typing right that second doesn’t mean they’re not working!

Have a great week, folks! M0re will be revealed, as always, and if you want a tweet-by-tweet of the wedding cake process, make sure to follow me over on twitter: @scrapsoflife. Hopefully reception will be good at the coast, too.

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