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Menu Planning: April 27-May 3

  • Script the next comic story. (in progress)
  • Test my top 3 contenders for the nutritional analysis software.
  • Work on the sponsorship pages.

Did I mention there was a wedding this weekend? I thought I’d have more time but between the travel, the baking, the decorating and the family around, it just didn’t happen. The cake turned out great, I’m on a bit of a post-event kitchen break this week and it’s my birthday on Friday. All back to normal around here!

So, take 3 on the current to-do list, this time with a better shot of getting it done.

Todd has just given me this week’s game for the Food & Game pairing and I’m looking forward to seeing the foodie potential of Plane Scape!

And to make up for my lack of measurable progress, have a food picture!

Spicy Green Beans in the Wok Pan!

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