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Menu Planning: May 4-10

So here’s where we left things last week:

  • Script the next comic story. (more in progress than it was)
  • Test my top 3 contenders for the nutritional analysis software.
  • Work on the sponsorship pages. (in progress)

So 1 and 2 halves out of 3–I’m being creative with the maths today.

In addition, I tested a recipe even though I was theoretically on a no-cook week. Bonus!

Todd’s cooking this week so I really don’t envision testing recipes myself.

The software testing is sort of frustrating–part of it is learning how each system needs to have each item entered in order to link up with the nutritional tables, part of it is just the wtf of some of the individual programs. I’m working on trials right now and one of my original top 3 I’m just not even bothering with because, hello, if I’ve got to manually enter the usda info per ingredient what’s the ever-loving point of having a software? Nope.

Of course, then the results of the remaining 2 don’t exactly match my trial recipe–like 80 more calories and variable fat and so forth–not good! And I picked a simple recipe by a nutritionist/dietician so I thought was trustworthy. Hmm. Gotta do some investigation as to why this could be happening and whether the problem lies with the original or what. For the record, the 2 softwares are pretty close to each other, though not identical, so wiggle and program interpretation is allowed, I suppose.

I’m also going to look into some PC alternatives–I wanted to keep it all on my Mac but… well… c’est la vie.

In other news–I’ve got a convention coming up in 2 weeks. And even though most of my stuff is ready to go, I do have a few things that need to happen before we leave. Plus, I’m in the process of revamping the rest of my websites (webcomic and blogs) to bring them under a (pardon the marketing-speak) more cohesive brand. So, yeah, I’m not going to make an official to-do list for this week because I’m starting to feel blocked by them instead of helped. And that’s no good.

So a week or two break from the formal to-do list but I will still update on Monday’s about whatever progress has been made. Plus we’ll have another Food & Game pairing before I go out of town.

We good? Good.

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