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Food & Game Pairings: Ghostbusters

Case Study: Ghostbusters

  • Genre: Paranormal “Reality” (feels funny calling it fantasy, what do you think?)
  • Races: Human
  • Main Setting: Pick the city or town of your choice that might have a fair amount of ghoulish activity
  • Setup: Congratulations! You’re the proud franchisee of the Ghostbusters corporation and now you and your buddies/business partners get to protect citizens (and the world in general) from ghosts, ghouls, demons and whatever other sorts of spooks that materialize. Grab your proton packs and let’s go!

You can either play a pre-fab character from the movie or create your own. Each player character has 4 traits: Muscle, Moves, Brains and Cool, each of which has numerous Talents to be had in each one. The GM in this case is the Ghostmaster and a special die is required for this game, the Ghost Die, which affects your rolls by counting as zero as well as predicting Something Bad in the outcome of your task–even if you succeed.

This game just feels like the definition of fun to me! Reading through the materials there’s movie references but, unlike the 007 adventures, it doesn’t expect you to just play through the movie scenario and move on.  Still, I’m gonna use some movie references in my food suggestions because, really, what Ghostbusters game night (at least the initial one) would be complete without a screening of the source material? A sucky one, I’m thinking. One devoid of the essence of Venkman, et al. One in which I would not want to be a part.

Onto dinner!

So, first I’m thinking about proton packs. Proton -> Protein so I’m thinking a main dish. In fact, I’m thinking some lean black bean burgers (mix some mashed black beans into your lean beef or turkey mixture or make a veggie burger, it’s up to you). And because presentation counts for a lot, I’d make them rectangular instead of square and serve them open-faced to show off the yellow stripes of cheese laid across the top and the cilantro mayo peeking out from below (green, for the ghost slime, yes?). Okay, so I’m crossing the idea of the proton pack with the look of the traps–culinary artist license anyone?

And speaking of slime, I’d definitely serve okra in some way, shape or form. You could fry it, sure, though it’s at it’s least slimy there. Make a gumbo from it and the goo serves as a thickener. Or go for total carnage and fix up some okra and tomatoes served with cornbread. Mmmm….

Dessert has to include marshmallows. Seriously, you knew that was coming, right? You can go simple with s’mores or rice cereal treats in the shape of ghosts. (Do they still make Ghostbusters cereal? That would be even better! Doesn’t look like it but Frankenberry might work!) You can serve marshmallows on pretzel sticks with a host of dipping sauces. You could even have a marshmallow roast for the utmost in continuity. (Just skip the blow-torch, yes?) And, of course,  you can make your own marshmallows and be just that more awesome.

Finally, a drink. I don’t usually do drinks over here but I think something like the neon green Kamikaze would work quite well (maybe dig up some ghoulish drink stirrers left over from Halloween, yes?) or anything with Midori or Green Apple Pucker as their primary ingredient for max-Slimer appealability.


* * *

Hey, gang! I’m going to be at MobiCon in Mobile, Alabama, this weekend (May 14-16)–if you’ll be there or are in the area, you should really come by and say hello!

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