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Menu Planning: May 18-24

Once again, a weekend trip has Monday night creeping up on me–but it was worth it. We had a lot of fun at MobiCon and I’m glad we’ve now got a break until August on the traveling front.

Aside from the quickie Cassoulet I made tonight, this is Todd’s week to cook so I’ll be doing mostly writing work this week. I do have a friend coming over Saturday for a Kitchen Day–we’ll be making Pate a Choux Crullers, Individual Beef Wellingtons and who knows what else and then having a dinner party with our significant others. More research for the book for me and a fun cooking lesson afternoon for her–a win-win situation!

In the mean time, questions about food, cooking or anything related can be left in the comments and I’ll answer them in next week’s post. I want to know what you want to know: Fire away!

One thought on “Menu Planning: May 18-24

  1. wolfboy says:

    Was great meeting you guys at mobicon on the 15th and i hope to have some SR recipes for you shortly.


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