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Menu Planning: June 29-July 5

What day is it, again?

In case you don’t follow me on twitter or facebook, you may not know that we had to go out of town rather unexpectedly and for a not-so-great reason: Todd’s uncle passed away and we flew up to Nebraska for the service.

Of course, it wasn’t all bad–I’d never been to the Midwest nor had I met any of his family and we took advantage of the time up there to visit and sight-see and spent 2 very long days travelling from point A to B (2 car trips, 2 planes and 3 airports each way).

We also spent 4 days with no laptops, me with only my phone to check gmail, facebook and twitter. That means not a whole lot of work got done but I did manage to write (longhand!) over half of the next comic script so it wasn’t a loss of productivity for the week.

As it was Todd’s week to cook (and even that was interrupted–I won’t be taking over ’til this weekend) I don’t even have some food photos to share!

I’ll make it up to you all next week. Now to play catch-up and list-maker.

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