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Menu Planning: July 27-August 2

Except for a few cocktail orders I haven’t been drawing much the last month and a half–I didn’t realize how hard it would be to get back into the habit of sitting at my drawing table. Hell, even just being in the Abyss (my office). I’d been working on the laptop from the comfort of the couch whenever I wasn’t drawing or editing photos. (Mostly because the television in the Abyss got zapped months ago by lightening and I like to catch up on DVR while I work on other things.)

Still, despite the schedule-shift I’ve got the first 6 pages laid out, lettered and loosely penciled. A slow start but one that will be built upon this week and continuing. For a fleeting moment I thought it would be feasible to finish the comic art in 6 weeks–sounds okay, right? Until I realized that it would mean 15 pages a week and, well, I’d have to quit my job and invest in mega wrist braces to manage that. So we’re looking at at LEAST through September before the art will be complete.

Not that I’m not going to try and speed things up! I’ve even given up sleeping in on weekends to allow more time for drawing! This may not seem like a whole lot but, well, I love my weekends when I never see the a.m. side of noon. It’s what gets me through the week! But I’m committed to this project, even if it means losing my luxury lie-ins.

Another thing we haven’t seen around here, lately, is a Food & Game Pairing. There’s a reason for this: they take time to research and prepare. I have the next one picked out but it’s probably going to wait until I’ve cleared some other things from the to-do list. In the mean time I’m going to be putting up some posts on basic recipe skills, pantry basics and must-have kitchen tools to get you ready to explore your kitchen. For instance, do you really know how to read a recipe? Know what should be weighed or measured and when conversions are equal and when they are not? Do you know what that tool does?

Stay tuned…

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