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Menu Planning: August 17-23

I suppose I could explain last week’s abbreviated post…

Mom had surgery Monday morning and, first things first, everything went well. They were able to do things the “easy” way (laparoscopic-robot-laser stuff) so she was home the next day and is mending very well. It also helped that my aunt came into town to be there at the hospital and for the week following which, I admit, took a lot of the pressure off us as far as after-care went. But it was also a massive week at work (which usually happens every month around the 10th, it’s when we pay bills and usually when the bulk of jobs to be invoiced come to me, as well–whee!) so I was dragging every night, very little time to mentally compose during the day while dealing with paperwork, etc. Just a rough week.

And we’ve been keeping Molly, Mom’s French Bulldog, since last Sunday night. Thankfully Todd has been doing most of the doggy care.

So what am I complaining about?

Nothing, really, but I was feeling a lot of expectant pressure at the beginning of last week. Brain drain.

But enough about the past!

This week… well, it actually might not be so hot, either. Sure, work has calmed back down to normal levels (knock on wood!) and Todd’s still taking most of the Molly-chores, but Aunt M is back in Jersey so I’ll be stopping by Mom’s each evening to check on her. Not that it’s a problem or an imposition or anything (don’t want to rack up bad-daughter points!) it’s just that it puts me getting home later and who knows what THAT’s going to do, you know?

The up side? Because there definitely is one: all 16 pages of the Chapter 1 comic are laid out and lettered. Page 1 is even drawn to tight pencils because the costume ideas finally clicked as I was laying it out (love it when that happens–it also shows how much whim goes into my projects–tons of advance planning, yes, but also a lot of last-second decisions)!

Chapter 1 is the Appetizers and Snacks chapter and the comic is titled Little Shop of Tapas. If you think that sounds a bit like Little Shop of Horrors, well, you’d be correct! I did mention I was doing parodies of movies for each comic story, yes? Well, instead of a flower shop we’ve got a diner. Instead of the man-eating plant we’ve got a Beholder-like window in the swinging door with lots of little mouths that are very, very picky eaters but only when it comes to repetition–they don’t like the same things more than once. So our trio has to help the employees figure out how to satiate and, eventually, obliterate the monster.

It was originally going to be set in a 50s soda shop/diner but then I read Fix the Pumps (by Darcy of the Art of Drink blog) and learned a bit about the original 1800s soda fountains and the cover was all steampunk/mad scientist and, yeah, it’s now set in a steampunk soda shop/diner. Time unimportant. They’re only going to be there for 16 pages, after all.

This week will concentrate on the hardcore penciling of the remaining 15 pages of this story. I’m not saying I’ll get them all penciled this week, but I’m certainly going to make the effort! Thursdays post is still up in the air–I have something brewing in the back of my mind for it, we’ll see if it ferments.

Oh, and I mentioned that there were some other things that just *had* to get done last week? One of them is this: Cocktails for a Cure, my small part of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk fundraiser this year. Please check out the Cocktails for a Cure page over at Sips & Shots for the full details, but I’m offering cocktail prints as well as a portion of sales from Character Cocktails donated to the cause.

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