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Menu Planning: August 24-30

As expected, this past week was a little hectic. I did get a few more pages pencilled but no where near the number I’d (foolishly?) hoped for. Still, Molly the French Bulldog goes back home in a couple of days and Mom will be returning to work. Today’s visit to her was almost unnecessary–she’d been able to drive and run some errands so there was really nothing I could do for her.

Even though the physical demands of this week weren’t horrible (far from it!) it all boils down to routine.

I am a creature of habit. My habits were trashed this week.

Which is why I feel like complete and utter noodles-for-brains tonight. I described it as being in limbo on twitter. Todd calls it blah. It’s all correct and why tonight is going to be an early one. I’ve got a page in progress that I want to finish up then I’ll probably call it.

Oh, and school (both local and college) started back today which means traffic hell and needing to get up earlier to compensate.

What was that about routine?

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