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Menu Planning: Sept 7-13

ProTip: A stainless steel baking sheet in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes can cause 2nd degree burns rather easily.

And, for the record, first aid for a mild 2nd degree burn (redness plus blisters) is NOT to put butter on it. Think about it: butter is fat, and fat can be used at very high temperatures to cook food–not exactly cooling. Aloe, however, is good for minor burns and, of course, commercial burn creams (if you can still get Silvadene in your area and aren’t allergic to sulfa drugs, it’s the best). Cool water and a well-wrapped gel pack are a good idea (if it’s very bad or very large, seek immediate medical attention) and your preferred pain killer (Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Tylenol) because it probably will hurt.

Especially if it’s along a muscle that flexes when you hold a pencil to draw with.

I was pretty disappointed in myself when I did that Saturday night and even more dismayed when it seemed like it was going to seriously impede my drawing progress that evening. But I managed (thank you ibuprofen!) to draw the last 5 pages of Little Shop of Tapas that night. Sunday I inked the lettering for chapter 1 after laying out and pencil-lettering the comic for chapter 2: Spoon! After today, the first 4 pages of Spoon! are complete. According to my calculations, I’m 29% through the required penciling.

Three day weekends are awesome. I only wish there were more of them to be had. Too bad it’s back to bed by 11 tonight and business as usual for the rest of the month. But I’m encouraged by the progress.

Spoon! is the story of a small island nation that is alternately ruled by two neighboring islands, each occupying in shifts. Only now, one of the factions doesn’t want to leave, they want it all for themselves. Jud and Ami begin this chapter separated, each dropped into a different faction but they meet up soon enough, befriend the natives and help them to overcome their would-be rulers.

If that story sounds familiar, it should. This is the foodie version of Dune–the Hunters and the Gatherers fighting over Spice Island. I think it’s a fitting opener to our chapter on Soups, Stews and other Stove-top items. Spices are something that can make or break a dish. Used well, spices enhance flavors and enrich a dish. Used ill, they can render a dish absolutely inedible. Time to get to know your spice cabinet a little better.

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