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Menu Planning: Sept 14-20

My unofficial goal for this week was to finish Chapter 2. Oh, that would have been glorious. It would have also been a miracle.

Instead of the 12 pages I’d hope to pencil I finished a whopping 4, bringing me to the midpoint of Spoon!

Overall pencils 33% complete.

Still, I’m not beating myself up too much. Last week I did 9 pages of pencilling plus 16 of layout and lettering–that was a lot even for a 3-day weekend. It was actually the 3-day weekend that killed me as it borked my schedule for the rest of this past week.

I’m doing better at recognizing patterns in my own productivity.

The other pattern is one week of amazing output followed by a week of lesser to no output. I did better than nothing and one of those pages, in particular, was a doozy!

As long as my health holds out I see those next 8 pages as very much in my grasp. Now to work a bit more before bedtime!

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