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Menu Planning: Sept 21-27

Who has two sore arms thumbs and just finished pencilling Chapter 2?

This girl!


So, remember last week when I wrote something about my health holding out?

It didn’t. And I was really pissed about it, too. It was less the bad cold and the annoying cough and more the crazy shoulder pain that made it tough to open a book or hold a pencil for too long.

Still, after a few weeknights off and a lot of rest, I managed to finish up the last page and a half this evening–even got 2/3 of the lettering inked. This is major progress. When I think about how long it took me to pencil the Intro or Chapter 1 it feels like 84,000 years compared to the speed of Chapter 2. I only hope I can keep up the momentum for the rest of the book.

It is, after all, a week and a bit away from the end of September and I’m still far from finished. As I’m still dealing with some pain when I do too much in one night, the thought that I’d be able to have this back from the printers in time for UP!Fair in late November may not be feasible–but I’m still going to try.

Something about slow and steady, right? I suppose being a turtle isn’t all that bad.

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