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Menu Planning: Sept 28-Oct 4

Wow, it’s hard to believe I just wrote October, up there–where has the time gone?

90 recipes. 90 pages worth of scripting. 38 pencilled pages. Research. Trial and error.

Put that way, it doesn’t seem so bad.

This past week, though, was a more relaxed one–mostly out of necessity. A supply run was necessary to start the next (3rd) chapter and basic page and panel layout has begun.


FAHRENHEIT 350 starts with our trio just outside the small town of Greenville, home of the VitaBuild Corporation. Greenville, with the help of the VBC, is a model community for advanced living–no longer do folks have to bother with growing, making or eating their own food, the folks at VitaBuild are on the forefront of nutritional technology and the town couldn’t be better. Of course, there are those fields of weeds that have to be dealt with and the population of wild cows, pigs and chickens is on the rise–posing no small risk to the carefully landscaped lawns and greenways of the majestic Greenville.


Inspired mostly by the cooking-related name, this is (of course) a take-off of Fahrenheit 451. What would life be life taking supplements instead of steak or pills instead of popovers? Our trio will find out and find a way to help shed a much-needed oven-light on the situation.

Until next week…

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