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Menu Planning: October 5-11

Sometimes you need a week off.

On a project like this, you don’t generally get weekends–weekends are sometimes the most productive days at your disposal. So last week, when we started the week off with Todd’s new work schedule (new job–yay! new schedule–not as yay… at first, it’s just an adjustment), information that the bank intends to auction off the home we’re currently renting (long story short? the property owner hadn’t been paying his mortgage for several months *before* we moved in and, now, over a year later, the foreclosure is finally going through; there’s legislation that allows us to ride out our lease unless–as I found out Monday–the home is sold at auction and the buyer plans to make it their primary residence, then we only get 90-day notice) and a whole lot of flotsam and jetsam on top of that, last week was declared off.

Not that I sat around reading trashy romances and eating bonbons. They were paranomal suspense and a few m&m pretzels. But I also finished up the big Limoncello experiment, finalized the menu and invitations for this year’s BYOP party and spent time in the kitchen and out of my office.

Turmoil aside, it was good to have some time away from the project when I was sick or otherwise too distracted to appreciate it.

But we’re back to it, this week, I’ve got ruled-out pages waiting for letters and pencils galore.

Until next week!

One thought on “Menu Planning: October 5-11

  1. Michelle Smith says:

    Book nerd that I am, I wonder which paranormal suspense it was. 🙂

    And I liked my invitation, especially the autumnal grommet thingie. 🙂


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