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Menu Planning: Oct 19-25

Last week became about resting and reorganizing–not exactly thrilling as far as page count goes, but necessary. They say (whoever ‘they’ are) that it’s not a good idea to post about when you’re in it–and by in it, to use a restaurant term, I mean the weeds–and they’re probably right. Suffice it to say, it was a necessary week of what it was.

This week is all about the lettering. I’m learning that I wrote Chapter 3 a little bit wordy. Editing and rearranging is also going on as I letter, but so far so good. For one of the easiest stories to write, it’s proving to be a monster to letter and arrange.


In somewhat unrelated news, I had a good mail day last week! My copy of the Tome of Runes came in. Why is this important? Because I’m one of the illustrators! Last year I answered an email plea for help on the book (the original illustrator having come down with a severe case of Life–boy, can I relate!–and pitched in as much as I could). 11 of the 13 sketches I submitted were used, see:

Tome of Runes and Illustrations
Tome of Runes from Gamers Rule

It was a fun project to work on. The target style was described as sketchy pencil, Indiana Jones journal-ish. I don’t get to do charcoal drawings very often so it was a nice change of pace and each was (relatively) quick to do. In fact, I’m giving serious thought to doing some of the spot illustrations for WtFYRP in a similar style, just to change things up.

For those who are curious, Tome of Runes is filled with various alphabets game masters of any sort can use to enhance game-play–maps, clues, curious odds and ends for your players to decode. You can order it direct from the publisher at (I get nothing from the sale of these, just the satisfaction of promoting another self-publisher, and a Florida one, at that).


Back to the book! Are you on Facebook? Do you wish there was an easy way to keep up with WtFYRP updates and share them with your friends? Well, now you can!

What to Feed Your Raiding Party now has it’s own Facebook Fan Page! Check it out and click that lovely Like-button (25 likes and I get to change the alphanumeric soup into a decent url, for starters) if you would.

Not really into Facebook? No problem. Soon I’ll be opening email sign-upsĀ  for the special pre-launch activities that will be starting. Just watch this space for more information as plans solidify!

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