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Menu Planning: Oct 25-Nov 1

Random Thoughts

How in the Hell is it almost November?!

You know, this time last year I was giddy, launching the WtFYRP Kickstarter, scheduling podcast interviews and on and on. I also thought I might have this done way before now–like maybe for May. 2010.

Yeah, I know. We plan, the Universe laughs its ass off.


No excuses, I just didn’t have a clue as to the amount of time this sort of project requires. Now I do.

And that’s okay. I’m still passionate about this project, still plugging away at it and it will see the light of day. It just won’t be this October.

The Past Week

Massive headache wreaked one night, we went out 3 nights (Thursday, Friday and Sunday) to various events which is unheard of for us and Saturday was spent getting ready for the Breast Cancer Walk (finishing the thank-you prints) and prepping for the party next weekend.

Not a lot got done on the pages on my drawing table.

They might be feeling neglected.

Looking Ahead

Frankly, this is the week leading up to the big Halloween party. Sure, we’ve done a lot of prep this month already but there’s so much that can’t be done until the last moment. I think Wednesday is my best bet for getting a couple pages in between the advance list and the last minute prep. And, of course, Sunday has potential based on how dead we are after the party wraps.

Luckily, though, once the party is out of the way it’s smoother sailing. There’s still UP!Fair to get ready for, but that to-do list is really manageable *and* I have a helper monkey already lined up for some of the manual labor.

In the Mean Time…

Thank you for hanging in with me this far! There’s so much more coming up–including, of course, the finished book–and I really appreciate your support.

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