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Menu Planning: Nov 2-8

Well, sports fans–okay, possibly the wrong bunch for that line–I was right about a few things:

  1. Wednesday night would be the only night last week I’d be able to work on the book.
  2. The party would be fantastic.
  3. I’d be wiped out on Sunday.

Granted, the last one was just a credible rumor until it happened, but that’s how these things usually go.

So, to recap, I did get a few more pages laid out for Chapter 3. That’s it.

Looking Ahead

Did you know that November is National Novel Writing Month?

Yup. In fact, I participated for 5 years, then switched to Script Frenzy for a couple of years before distancing myself from all such mad dashes for a while. Burnout, you know?

Well, this year I had no desire whatsoever to revive the novel-writing part of me, no worries there. But if there’s one thing I learned as Municipal Liaison for 4 of my 5 NaNo years, doing things in a group gets things done.

Oh, not like group projects and stuff, that’s definitely not what I mean. Just that the shared struggle and cheering on are quite helpful to getting big things done.

So I’ve decided, going with that whole picture = 1,000 words thing that gets bandied about from time to time, that I’m going to try and draw 50 pages this month. That would, by the way, get me almost through the pencilling duties for ‘Raiding Party. Nice, huh?

Each night it will be my goal to draw 2 pages. In words, it’s 1,667 per day to reach 50k by the end of the month. I’m rounding up to full pages and hoping for the best. I already did my 2 for tonight (yay me!) so we’re off to a good start.

2 pages a night is pretty time-consuming on week nights so I’m glad I’ll have a few weekends to make up lost pages or get ahead. Granted, there will be a couple of days when drawing will be impractical (travelling for UP!Fair, for instance), but I think I can work around that.

If you haven’t already Fan’d us on Facebook, you can keep up with daily progress reports there or follow me on Twitter (@scrapsoflife)–I’ll do my best to keep both venues updated! And, of course, we’ll always have Monday nights, here on the blog!

Until next week…

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