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Menu Planning: Nov 9-15

Glancing Back

The week started off really good, clocking my 2 pages a night with relative ease Monday through Thursday. This was helped, of course, by the work done earlier laying out those pages and doing the lettering. After page 8 it was another story.

Not only are pages 9 (of Chapter 3) and following lacking in layout and letters, it’s about that time that my scripting style changed. Not necessarily for ill, just different. And I have no idea how I thought I was going to fit as much as I had notes and dialog planned for page 9–that took a day just to edit and arrange to some semblance of functional.

To the point that I’m still working on pencils for pages 9 & 10 which is a few pages behind the 50 in 30 goal but not horribly so.

Looking Ahead

Tonight has and will continue to be filled with administrivia, I’m afraid, but doing it all tonight means the rest of the week has a better chance of prime drawing time. By the next time we check in I’d like to be finished with Chapter 3 and laying out Chapter 4. I did 8 pages last week with 2 more in progress, finishing those 2 plus the remaining 6 is absolutely plausible.

An Unrelated PSA

So, one on the things I have to do tonight is this month’s budget and schedule my bills for the month. It’s somewhat ironic that in today’s mail was a letter from a collection agency.

Now, sure, when I was recovering from my first divorce and working my way through Culinary School I might have gotten a bit behind on the liabilities my ex and I split (we had no assets). But I clawed out of that mess several years ago and, even as much as I still hate scheduling my many bills each month, I’m glad that I have the means to cover my economic habits.

That letter today? It was from an old Fingerhut bill. For merchandise I didn’t order. Here’s about what happened:

  • In August, 1997, my then-husband and I moved out of one apartment complex and into another.
  • In September, 1997, some waste-of-space snagged a Fingerhut catalog that didn’t get forwarded and made a purchase in my name for a crappy, 2-head VCR player. Not only did they change the address on the card from the apartment I lived in to a neighboring unit, they forged my signature, too! (Very obvious, since it was in my maiden name and I hadn’t used THAT for 2 years.)
  • In March, 1998, Fingerhut tracked me down through my mom and wanted their money. Imagine my surprise!
  • On March 2, 1998, I filed a fraud report with the Tallahassee Police Department, sent a copy to the current collection agency and considered it done.

So, imagine my surprise, 12 years later, when this *still* hasn’t been settled and one collection agency has sold the debt to another and tracked me down through yet another name change and I don’t know how many moves.

Except for one thing.

I am a pack-rat. I save all bills, receipts, bank statements, etc. (and still have had credit cards and bank accounts hacked–there really isn’t a way to be safe, it’s totally credit roulette out there). And I knew exactly which file tote the original police report and notes were in. I had names, dates and times of who I spoke to back then. So when I called the new collection agency this evening, I was able to give them facts down to the minute.

Supposedly, Nick (x. 2001) at RJM Acquisitions Funding LLCĀ  has cleared the account as of this evening.

But I’m holding onto that paper trail for at least another 12 years.

I will never feel guilty for being a paper-trail pack-rat, no matter how many times I have to move those file totes.

In Summary:

  1. I have been known to cram too much into a single page’s script.
  2. You should always save your receipts.
  3. Being uber-anal-retentive pays off.
  4. You should never buy from Fingerhut (seriously, folks, $253.08 for a 2-head VCR back in 1997 was ludicrous).
  5. It is possible to pay off your debts and live within your means. And still have nice things.

See y’all next week!

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