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Menu Planning: Nov 16-22

With apologies for the 1-day posting delay–I was a touch under the weather last night and spent most of the evening lying very still so as not to further anger my irritated internal processes.

Glancing Back at the Week That Was

I believe I might have said something about finishing Chapter 3’s penciling by now.


What I did this past week:

  • Moved Where the Geeks Are to it’s own server after getting news from SoulGeek that they’d been hit with some nasty business via a WordPress/ComicPress vulnerability (a little confusion about automatic vs manual upgrades). As such they were looking to have to redo as little work as possible and I offered to move it over to my hosting. The site still need a lot of prettying up, but it’s functional for the time being, full archives and everything intact.
  • Finished the 2 in-progress pages of Chapter 3, bringing us up to a completed 10 of those 16. Then got promptly stuck on page 11. I’d left my description of the bulk of the page vague and, well, that turned out not to be such a good thing this go ’round. I think I finally got the mental picture close-to-right this morning, after a week of wondering. Sometimes vague is freeing, other times? Not so much.
  • Got sucked into playing FarmVille on Facebook. Sigh.
  • Realized that UP!Fair was only a week away and I wasn’t nearly as ready as I thought. Panicked.
  • Designed and printed business cards. After 2 years of tabling at comics conventions and 4 years of comics in general, I finally have business cards. With almost all of my websites on them. Revisions will be made after the upcoming event.
  • Created 3 mini-comics for Where the Geeks Are. I’ve actually been asked for these before so figured, especially with the tone of this event, that it would be a good idea to turn the first three, completed, story arcs into minis. Todd was awesome and helped assemble them. Also, I discovered how easy it was to create Photoshop Actions. That one little thing saved me SO much time processing the almost-100 files for these minis.
  • Designed and printed gift certificates for Character Cocktails. It’s pretty much too late to order one and have it read for under-the-tree giving, but now these snazzy gift certificates will be pretty place-holders for the recipients, and save the giver the guess-work of filling out the questionnaire on the receiver’s behalf. The site also had to be created and, yes, still needs a lot of prettying-up, but it’s there and functional. It’ll do for now.
  • Finally settled on a nutritional data software and entered the first few recipes for analysis.

Plus that pesky day-job thing.

So, you know, a fairly busy week. Just not doing what I had planned to do. It happens.

And I suppose I should never make big, lofty goals for the weeks leading up to a convention. Lesson learned.

Looking Ahead to the Week That Will Be

Here’s how this week’s going to go (this one’s pretty easy):

  • Tonight: Check convention totes, start to pull together the non-tote items we’ll need to take with us for the table. This includes the pencilled pages for WtFYRP, so if you’re curious and in the area, stop by UP!Fair on Saturday and say hi!
  • Wednesday: Pack everything else we’ll need as we’re hitting the road right after work on Thursday.
  • Thursday: Put the Thanksgiving Turkey in the fridge to defrost while we’re gone and hit the road.
  • Friday: Arrive in Kentucky, attend the Gallery Hop at the Carnegie Center and the Drink & Draw after.
  • Saturday: UP!Fair!
  • Sunday: Book it home because they want Todd back in the office for Monday if at all possible.

In the past I’ve had an unfortunate amount of drawing time at conventions. I’d really love it if that weren’t the case this year (hint, hint, universe!) but, if tradition holds, at least I should get some pages in for the book.

See you on the flip-side, gang!

One thought on “Menu Planning: Nov 16-22

  1. Stas says:

    Rob-I simply can’t beivele that you’re not on Facebook. That’s where ALL the networking is happening for authors and journlists these days. It’s an amazing tool for getting you and your writings noticed.Look me up at Facebook, and read my friends list. You’ll see what I mean.Let me know when you open your Facebook site.Deborah


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