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Menu Planning: Nov.23-29

Aaannnd it’s another Tuesday update! I blame having Monday off and running 1,001 errands and so forth.

So How Was the Con?

UP!Fair was fun–I’m so glad I went if only for the chance to meet and talk to folks that (due mainly to geography) I never would have run into in my usual Southeast convention circuit.

I also managed to pencil 2 pages during the single-day conFAIRence, as it was called. And, yes, that includes the infamous Page 11 that I couldn’t figure out how to approach. I also got started on a third.

(Unfortunately that does mean I had *time* to draw while at the table instead of being constantly busy with readers and customers. C’est la vie, right?)

The Week Ahead

Dude. It’s Thanksgiving. I’m in the kitchen most of the next couple of days but I think Friday and the weekend holds some drawing potential. I think the 50 page goal will be pretty tough to hit (at least this month) but we’ll keep plugging right on along!

In the mean time, I’m also working on the written parts of the book like the nutritional intro. Not that Raiding Party is a health-food cookbook (worry not, dear eaters, there’s bacon and butter throughout, but there’s also plenty of veggies and olive oil, too!) and not that it’s new information at all, but some of it isn’t used everyday and it’s made it’s way to the back of the mental filing cabinet. So, yeah, brushing up on that stuff.

Have a great Thanksgiving, folks. Curious as to what I’ll be serving up? Head over to today’s Nibbles and read about “Todd’s” Turkey and the rest of our menu.

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