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New Year, New Approach

Welcome to 2011: unofficially known as the year of Wednesday status updates. At least as far as WtFYRP is concerned.


We moved.

And it was 6d20 worse than anyone could have even imagined. Crits across the board.

For one thing, the Cash for Keys offer? Totally non-existent but we found out only after we were on the verge of signing a lease with the same company that was threatening to evict us from the property they no longer managed (that last bit was a bone of contention that nearly took a lawyer’s intervention to deal with) and threatening not to honor the lease we’d already signed in the interim. It was so down to the wire that we didn’t know until the Thursday morning before (yes, folks, 48 hours notice) the move that we’d actually be allowed to move in.

So, what does this absolute insanity have to do with ‘Raiding Party?

Not much, directly, just following up the last (pre-move) update.

At any rate, we’re in the new place, *mostly* unpacked but still settling in. And I am still working my way into a balance schedule for the various projects on the plate. WtFYRP does take precedence on the non-computer tasks, but the Abyss is somewhere between unpacked and functional still. Something I’ll be addressing this week and weekend.

Each Wednesday I’ll pop in here to let you know what’s going on with the book, but we’re going to dispense with the Menu Planning title–without a firm to-do list it doesn’t make as much sense and the tasks are becoming fewer in number but larger in scope.

The pre-launch festivities are also still being hammered out and will be announced as soon as they are ready for public viewing. Until then…

See you next Wednesday!

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