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It’s All About the Routine

aka I am definitely a creature of habit.

And there’s been precious little in the way of routine and habits for the last 2 months, unless you consider chaos a routine.

But, hey, we all need a little entropy in our lives.

Last night I gave the chaos a glancing blow and I’m looking forward to increasing the damage tonight.

I finished my blog post for the next day early on, checked on my Farm and City (yes, I know, Facebook-game addiction is comical but true) and had dinner all before heading into the office by 8pm. Switched on a movie via Netflix and sat down at the drawing board for 2.5 hours.

That said, my progress wasn’t very impressive for 2+ hours but at least it was progress.


Speaking of progress, I’m always wondering if my expectations of how many pages I want to get done a week, etc. are realistic or not. So, listening to Art & Story the other day they were talking about doing your own projects on spec, specifically with the goal of pitching them to a publisher only most publishers want a finished product, not a proposal and samples. But in the midst of that conversation was the idea that 500 pages would take 4 years of work. That’s 2 pages a week. I don’t feel nearly so behind anymore.


What sort of routines are you looking to start, this year? Have you’re resolutions already worn off and need a reboot?

They say it takes 21 days (3 solid weeks) to establish or break a habit. Put into those terms it’s really not that tough a concept, huh?

Maybe this is the year you start cooking more dinners at home instead of getting take-out? Maybe you already cook at home but use a lot of convenience products; how about taking a from-scratch route for a few things? Maybe you’ll join me in shopping a little more local and checking out the Farmers’ Market?

Whatever habit or routine you’re trying to get into or out of, best of luck. We’ll all get there together.

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