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Triumph Is Not Just a Car

It is what I am feeling right now because…


Why, yes, I did feel the need to yell that at the top of my lungs. And do a little happy chair dance to it. Maybe some impromptu soft-shoe in the monkey slippers.

Don’t judge. You can dance along with me, but you’ll need to bring your own animal slippers of choice.

You know, Fahrenheit 350 was the quickest of all the scripts to write–it just flowed out of my head. Took two nights, tops. And I think it’s the longest one to draw. (So far. Knock on wood.)  Sure, there was a move involved and holidays and all sorts of other things that aided in the procrastination, but it still took way longer than expected.

Hell, this whole project is taking longer than expected.

But I’m okay with that, you know why?

I could have written a generic cookbook in 3 months. I could have turned it into a lingoed out niche cookbook in another 3. And it could have gotten lost in the shuffle.

The extra time this book has taken is giving me the opportunity to make this book something rather extraordinary. The more I work with it’s ideas and concepts, the more defined the process becomes, the more confident I feel about it’s place in the greater scheme of things.

And, lately, I’ve been planning.

I’m a list-maker of grand proportions. Sometimes I plan more than I act (that’s being worked on), but with this project the planning and acting are going hand in hand and it’s a fast friendship.

Ideas are popping for this project, and the ideas and projects that will, eventually, surround it, that are going to make this book even better than I’d originally thought. I don’t want to say too much–don’t want to jinx anything–but everything is being written down and expanded upon. It’s being worked into the business plan (yes, I have one, now, and it’s helping oodles).

I look forward to inking the lettering and ruling out the pages for Chapter 4 (synopsis next week) over the next couple of days. Time to dig out the notes (the last 2 chapters were actually written long-hand last June).

But first, I’m going to do a little more of my happy dance.

Join me?

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