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Keep Moving Forward

I love that movie (Meet the Robinsons–if you haven’t watched it by now…well, why the hell not?).

At any rate, I finished inking the lettering for Chapter 3 this past week and have prepped the pages for Chapter 4.

Oh, and speaking of Chapter 4? It’s our Grilling and Roasting chapter. And I’m afraid I’ve gone a bit predictable with this particular parody but, well, I couldn’t resist.

Okay, maybe I could have resisted but I didn’t want to:


Lord of the Roasts: Fellowship of the Grill

Our trio find themselves in a forest after their last adventure and come across Fred, a local boy of the village famous for it’s grillers. The grillers have gone off to the Continental Grilling Championship only–horror of horrors!–they’ve left behind the local planks of wood that make their grilled foods so tasty and worthy of praise. Fred–left behind due to a case of the sniffles–insists that he knows the route and can catch up with his father and the others before it’s too late. He can’t go alone, though, so our trio have their mission. On the way they add another to their crew, have to battle wild animals and ford a treacherous stream all just to get some pieces of wood to a their fiery end.


Think you know how to fry an egg? Think again! Check out this week’s Nibble’s post to find out how to do it right and impress your friends in the process.

Okay, the office needs some attention, so off I go. ‘Til next week!

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