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Rocking and Roasting

Another week, another update and, yes, another goal met! Woot!

Last week I wanted to be halfway through lettering and layout for Chapter 4. And I am, with an additional page to spare. In fact, if Minnie (my, wait for it, mac mini) wasn’t being such a diva tonight and making my work on the St Patrick’s Day podcast take 3 times as long, there might have been more pages lettered by now.

But, that’s what you get for trying to do anything on a Tuesday. Especially one that happens to be the Ides of March.

Still, I met my goal and that’s the point.

Now, for next week I’d like to say I’ll finish the rest of Chapter 4’s lettering but…

We’re hosting a Game Night on Saturday in honor of Todd’s birthday and I know that Sunday will be a low-function day, as might the following several. Hence, I’m not going to set a concrete, make-or-die goal for next Wednesday. But I’m still going to put it on the list of 5 for at least one of the days to get a spread or so done.

That was the rocking, where’s the roasting?

Over on Nibbles, this week, I shared a recent chicken roasting recipe (well, more like a procedure) that was super simple without being boring. Roast chicken is one of those wonderful foods that can be turned into several meals with very little effort. Here are some ideas:

  • Split one side of the breast and tenderloin along with the drumsticks for dinner the first night.
  • Use the second breast in chicken salad for lunch or supper as a salad or sandwich.
  • Shred the leftover thighs and mix with the barbecue sauce of your choice for pulled chicken sandwiches or skip the barbecue sauce and toss with cheese, salsa and refried beans for burritos or chicken nachos.
  • Use the bones and wings and whatever meat is left (I never carve all the meat of the breast, for instance) to make stock or soup. We prefer gumbo but good old chicken noodle works, too!

Oh, and the carcass can be frozen and the soup made weeks or months later–you don’t have to eat chicken for a week straight, after all.

Also, this site is getting a makeover very soon. I just have to find/make (read as: reverse engineer) the right theme to get the visuals of What to Feed Your Raiding Party matching my vision.

Any gaming plans of your own, this weekend?

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