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Nothing Beats First Hand Experience

Well, almost nothing. I suppose there are times when first-hand experience would be a bad thing, but we’re talking generalities, here!

As predicted, this weekend was far too busy with the Game Party to get any real (read as: measurable) work done on Chapter 4, though I have made some progress with the less tangible things. This week it’s back to the usual: fitting pages into my schedule. Goal for next week?

  • Letter/Layout the rest of Chapter 4
  • Update the look of the website (theme testing and tweaking being done on a dev blog, first)
  • Sketch some new header art for the website

We had a good turnout for Todd’s Birthday game night though we didn’t actually game very much (one game of Carcassonne and one round of Apples to Apples was all we managed). There was, however, lots of socializing, lots of eating and watching of silly videos. We had a good time.

In the process of (over-)preparing for the party, I came up with 2 recipes that will be fabulous to demo at cons once we start making the rounds again: great little appetizers that require very little in the way of special tools or equipment, perfect for a quick try-and-taste session. Anyone know where I can get a Mj√∂lnir that’s not too big but still sturdy enough to do some light smashing?

At any rate, this week’s tip also comes from this weekend’s experiences and is about safety in the kitchen:

When peeling butternut (and acorn, apparently) squash, it’s a good idea to wear latex gloves. Some folks experience contact dermatitis (allergic skin reaction) to the compounds in the uncooked gourds which, while more annoying than anything, can easily be avoided by use of protective measures.

Even though I’ve made this particular soup several times in the past, a preparation that always includes peeling and cubing butternut squash, this was the first time I noticed a reaction. The palm and undersides of my fingers of my left hand felt tight, a little tingly at the tips and the skin got all peely, too. Convinced it was not. normal. I couldn’t sleep ’til I Googled it and confirmed I wasn’t going to die in my sleep from delayed anaphylactic shock or something. I wasn’t, I didn’t, and by the next morning it was mostly cleared up. Still, gloves and/or cortisone cream will be on hand the next time I do that!

So, until next week… I’m going to go babysit my backup. Another Mercury Retrograde is on the horizon and my old 160 GB external drive almost didn’t make it through the last one. I bought a new one and performed my first-ever partitioning to (hopefully) be able to use the new 1.5 TB hdd with both the Mac and PCs here at home.

Any tips for an external drive that considers successfully spinning up a chore?

Have you made a back-up lately? Hmmm?

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