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Creative Leftovers

Poor leftovers, they get such a bad rap from some folks. Even the name sounds pitiful! Well, before I tell you how we used some of last week’s leftover in dinner-friendly ways, let’s see how I did on my goals for this week:

  • Letter/Layout the rest of Chapter 4 Done! *artist does the happy dance*
  • Update the look of the website (theme testing and tweaking being done on a dev blog, first) *new theme installed, tweaking begun*
  • Sketch some new header art for the website *working on it*

Two outta three (I’m giving myself half credit for each of the in-progresses) ain’t bad. Meat Loaf is seldom wrong.

This week’s goals look strangely familiar…

  • Pencil at least 2 pages of Chapter 4
  • Draft introduction (I’ve suddenly remembered that there are bookish parts to this thing, too, and I need to get on that)
  • Finish webpage revamp
  • Finish new header art

Something else that I’ve been working on is the recipe sponsorship options and incentives. Oh, yes, those are coming back–you still have time to be an actual printed part of the book! More details soon, I promise.

Now, about those leftovers.

As usual, I over-prepared for Game Night. In my defense, several who RSVP’d had to make last-minute cancellations, so there was some overage right off the bat, and some who came, came late or left early, skewing my figures. Totally my fault, though, was setting out heavy hors d’oeuvres only 2 hours before dinner. Realistically, I could have done one or the other and been perfectly fine, food-wise, but I like to have not only variety but make sure there’s no way we’re going to run out of food.

In that sense, I was totally covered.

Still, we had leftovers and they needed to be dealt with.

Leftover soup was simple: we had it for dinner a couple times the following week (score for me: no cooking and no additional grocery shopping!). But what about the more snacky bits, how to make them into actual dinner? Here were 2 of my creative (and tasty) solutions:

Black Bean Dip became a base for taco salads. With plenty of tortilla chips still in the house, a layer of bean dip was added (in the place usually reserved for refried beans), topped with seasoned ground beef from the freezer, diced Colby-Jack cheese, lettuce, salsa and Greek yogurt (we use it in place of sour cream). Not only was the bean dip delicious, it contains very little fat (I’d say none, but there is avocado in the dip–granted, that’s a healthy plant fat) compared to most refried beans.

Bacon-wrapped artichoke hearts (almost never leftovers of any number, but this time we had a dozen pieces or so post-party) were diced, along with Swiss cheese, and used to fill 2-egg omelets for a light supper another night. With such flavorful fillings, the eggs themselves needed only a touch of salt and pepper and a splash of milk. Add some sausage links or fresh fruit to round out the meal.

(items in bold were things leftover from the party)

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Creative Leftovers

  1. swanjun says:

    Those taco salads sound fabulous. An excellent use for leftovers, indeed.


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