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Things Just Got Real

Not that they weren’t real before… I mean, a stack of tested recipes, a larger stack of penciled pages, hours and hours invested in this project to the detriment of other interests. Sure, it was all real.

But things just got money real. And paying money for something always seems more solid than paying in time, doesn’t it?

I was able to turn a not-so-fabulous economic year into a modest tax refund (there are benefits to that Self Employment schedule, you know) and used a chunk of it to secure an ISBN registration for ‘Raiding Party.’ Whew. It feels good to have that detail taken care of but it also means there’s a definite, measurable financial loss if I don’t… and I don’t like to waste money!

Another outlay was the software for the nutritional analysis: I’ve been debating which to go with for months, it’s pretty ridiculous, really, but I finally made up my mind which means I can start formatting the recipes. Wohoo!

Last week was pretty rough: everything hurt, exhaustion had set in, motivation was in the basement.

Still, I rallied by the weekend and reached the halfway point in pencilling Chapter 4. I have every intention of keeping up the 4 pages per weekend for the next 2 weekends as I’ll be going out of town for my birthday on th 30th and plan on it being a complete and total (if brief) holiday. It’s also my intention to start inking from the beginning, as that’s the next big hurdle after pencilling. Inking, however, almost always goes more quickly than pencilling.

Let’s see, any other news? Well, gee, I think that’s quite a bit already, don’t you? More things are going on in the background, as always, but this’ll do for now.

Until next week…

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