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Hills and Valleys

Wow, after last week, this week’s update seems awfully anticlimactic. Still, what was accomplished was not without its challenges. Another 4 pages have been pencilled for Chapter 4, leaving 4 to finish out. That means there’s only about, oh, 23 pages left to pencil for the comics portion of the book.

And again I say: Wow.

Granted, there’s a lot more drawing after this but the narrative pages are their own creature, really, it’s not like spot illustrations or even the chapter “covers.”

But enough about that! Easter is coming up this weekend and I’m cooking for 8 people so squeaking in those last 4 pages will be a challenge but one I think I am up to facing. One way or the other they will get done before I go out of town on the 29th, that’s for sure!

Fun fact from this week’s research: Wild boar apparently growl like dogs when they’ve scented someone. Who knew?

Also, did you see my Nibbles post on stocking a pantry from a few weeks back? It’s worth a look, especially if you find making a grocery list a challenge and wonder what sorts of things to keep around.

Until next week…

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