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Moms, Houses and Pages

So, who else forgot Mother’s Day?

No, I didn’t really forget that Mother’s Day was Sunday. I knew it was coming up, I picked up a card for Mom and we kept our usual plans.

It was those plans that I forgot about when I gleefully set about making my to-do lists for Saturday and Sunday and had to do a little bit of shuffling when it became very clear Saturday was going to be all about Parade of Homes and dinner with Mom. After driving around town, looking at homes that will probably never be in our price-range (though it’s nice to dream, you know?), and a pasta-riffic dinner at Olive Garden (Mom’s choice, of course), productivity was not on the list for the evening.

Sunday, however, was quite productive. I did manage 2 pages (and 2 pages I’m quite proud of, to boot) so I’m that much closer to finishing Chapter 4. Not finished, but closer.

So the goal to meet before next week’s update is to finish Chapter 4 and get Chapter 5 paneled and begin lettering.

Making it so.

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