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Only One Left?!

And by one I mean one chapter. Really?! Yes, it’s true. Chapter 4 is penciled and, as of Tuesday evening, fully lettered. Chapter 5 is yet to be started but that’s up next.

I’m trying to put a word on my current feeling… surreal? Might be the closest I can come at the moment. On the one hand I’ve got this big binder that’s more full than empty. Another 20 pages and the large page protectors will be full. And the lion’s share of the book will be done.

Only it’s not that simple, is it? Yes, penciling–the figuring out where and how things are going to fit and flow–takes a large amount of time and inking, for me, is a lot of tracing and adding details. That’s no small task yet to come, but it’s not the tear-out-your-hair frustrating that getting those pencils done is.

Meanwhile, I’ve still got 75 recipes to format and edit, various spot illustrations to complete, and 150-200 pages to layout and finally get to the printer.

It’s a lot of work still ahead but I’m amazed at just how much I’ve completed already.

What are you working on, bringing to life or putting to bed these days?

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