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Chapter 5: The Goodies

What cookbook would be complete without a few sweet (and savory) baked treats and a few fun beverages? Not this one, that’s for sure!

But first, the story…

Jud, Ami and Woody wake up in the backyard of a New England cottage–200o miles and about 20 years still from home–that turns out to be a Bakery in serious trouble (what else): continuing their parents custom of allowing locals to run a tab during the off season is biting them in the profit & loss and the property is about to go on the auction block. Now, rumor has it there’s some buried treasure in the area leftover from the pirate days of yore, even though everyone and their father has been searching for it . Could it be the answer to their prayers? And could it maybe closer than they think?


Now, if you’re thinking that story plus that name sounds like a certain movie that gave us the Truffle Shuffle… you’d be right! This is my pastry-shot send-up of The Goonies.

Progress-wise I’ve got the necessary pages ruled out and and working on the panel layouts and lettering. The long weekend will likely be spent wrapping that up so that I can start on the penciling next week. From what I remember of the story (haven’t read through the full script since I wrote it last summer) I think I’m looking forward to drawing this one!

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