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Now That That’s Out of the Way…

My Very Full Schedule from Last Week
My Very Full Schedule from Last Week

Whew! The party was great–a small crowd but a fun one, nonetheless–and now that it’s done with I can get back to work on the usual projects (Raiding Party being at the top of the list). We’re practically halfway through 2011 and getting it done (and by done I mean in print and shipped and in people’s hands) is still looking doable. Wohoo!

First, though, this week called for some recuperating. After any event I usually feel run-down and worn out, the weird weather ups and downs are just amplifying things. Still, I’m really happy we’ve got a 3 days weekend coming up. We don’t usually do stuff for the 4th (maybe grill something) so that’s one more day to knock out some more Chapter 5 pages!

It’s always nice to be back in the usual routine!

Have a safe 4th!

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