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Ups and Downs of 3-Day Weekends

The up, of course, is that there’s ample time to both relax and accomplish things. That extra day is fabulous for tidying up a to-do list.

The down is that I spend the next what’s left of a week wondering what in the hell day it is?!

After a rough start (seems I was a bit rusty after 3 weeks away from the drawing table) I managed 4 pages over the weekend, so we’re just about halfway through Chapter 5. It’s so close, and yet so far it seems. I’d hoped to get 6 in but, well… (see: rough start). And we’re up to a whopping 77 pages of comics art for the book in total. The binder is so full it seems like more but math assures me that’s it.

This weekend will be more drawing, of course, at least enough to bridge that halfway point in Chapter 5!

If you’re curious about the party that so preoccupied the month of June, I’ve got a write-up available over on Nibbles ‘n Bites.

Until next week!

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