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Pages, Fire and a Lagniappe

But not all together–don’t worry!

So, first things first: got back my 4-page-weekend status (decreasing distractions certainly helps)! Which means… after only 3 pages this coming weekend, Chapter 5 will be fully penciled–wohoo! It’s so awesome to be back on track. So awesome, in fact, that I’m using plenty of exclamation points! !!   !!! and one more!

Now, to this week’s tip:

Fire Safety in the Kitchen

The other night Todd was cooking supper while I was in my office, and I heard this odd booming sound. Wandering into the living room I saw flames coming from the stove!

Dinner was not intended to be en flambe

Turns out, the booming sound came from Todd trying to blow out the initial flames–not a good idea, especially if it’s a grease fire since the air could spread the oil and the fire further afield. At least he knew not to add water to an oil or grease fire–that’s really a bad idea. He was, at that moment, trying to get the fire extinguisher to cooperate, when we noticed that the gauge said ‘Empty.’ We’d never used it but, over time, the gas escapes and it’s about as useful as flat soda is tasty. Oops.

Step 1: Own a fire extinguisher.
Step 2: Check it periodically (monthly is recommended) to make sure it’s still full!
Step 3: Replace or have it topped-off as necessary.

At this point I suggested baking soda. Even if you have to yank out the box that’s been in your fridge for years, it’s one of the best things for smothering a fire you’ve got in your kitchen. If the fire is in a pot or pan, a lid should do the trick but this was something that had spilled into the drip-pan.

But, hey, object lesson!

And, finally, a lagniappe (French for a little something extra).

One of the features I’m really looking forward to in What to Feed Your Raiding Party is the illustrated skills and techniques that will be included. For an example of what I’m talking about, check out this week’s Nibbles column. Beggar’s Purses aren’t one of the skills or recipes I’m putting in this book, but the drawing will give you a little idea of what to expect sprinkled throughout its pages.

Until next week!

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