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All Raiding Party, All the Time

Well, okay, maybe not all the time–I still have to work. And sleep. And stuff like that.

But when it comes to the times when I have more of a choice on which projects I’m working on? That’s all Raiding Party, baby!

You see, when the calendar rolled over to August I had a bit of a shock. I’ve been saying that I really wanted to get this book in print this year. Well, we’ve got 5 months left. And I’d like it done, if possible, by the end of November. Which means that it needs to be ready for the printer more like the beginning of November, just in case and what with the holidays and all.

Anyone else see what all needs to get done in the next 3 months?

90 pages of inking, for one, entering scads of recipes for nutritional analysis (I know, I meant to do it before now, too, but I didn’t make the time or put it on the calendar–big problem), spot illustrations (thankfully those go quickly) and the formatting of the entire shebang.

In 3 months.


I’ll be honest, it may not happen. But not for lack of trying, I promise.

Which brings us back to this post’s title. For the month of August I’m not going to be blogging my usual amount. Instead, I’m setting aside all that blogging time and other bits to work on getting the recipes entered for nutritional analysis. I did the math and if I do 3 a night on available weeknights and 6 a day on weekends, I’ll have them all entered by the end of the month. First 3 are entered as of tonight, so far so good.

On top of that, I see completing the epilogue pencils this weekend, and after that it’s time to start inking. Since inking doesn’t take (me) quite as much concentration as penciling–the tough decisions are done, after all–I’m hoping to work on it a little each night (a page a night would be grand, we’ll have to see, though) and set a rate from there.

But I’ll be back each Wednesday to let you know how the progress goes!

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