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I Did It!

A Full Binder of PagesSee that? That’s an over-sized binder full of expandable page protectors. In each sleeve are 2 sheets of 9×12 Bristol, 90 pages in total covered in pencil, 2 inches worth of comics that represent the 5 chapter-related comics, prologue and epilogue to What to Feed Your Raiding Party. It took more than a year to draw, but it’s done.

Ho00-leee Cats!

Those last 2 pages? Cartoon death march to the end. Who thought it’d be a good idea to introduce 3 new characters (no names, but with speaking parts) in those last 2 pages? That would be me. But like most of the decisions I’ve made regarding these stories, they were necessary and–I hope–served their purpose.

Remember way back when I started all of this and figured the comics opening each chapter would be 6-12 pages, max? And then they ended up being 16, each of them? That’s because it’s tough to tell a story in 12 pages–it was tough in 16! But I did it, even if there was a judicious use of narration for some stories. And I have even less respect now for those writers and artists who spend 20 to merely set up a story (basically opening credits) but expect you pay the same as one telling a beginning-middle-end story.


All that to say, I now know why drawing these 90 pages was so much more difficult than the 3 pages a week (or more, in the past) I was doing for the webcomics before I put them on hiatus. With the webcomics, I could take as long as I wanted to tell a story, what a supreme luxury! I won’t be taking the webcomics off hiatus just yet, but I’ll be much more appreciative of the medium when I do!

Okay, lesson in gratitude over for the night, now it’s back to nutritional analysis!

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