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A Third Here, A Third There

Which is the best way to sum up the data entry/nutritional analysis portion of this month’s tasks. I got behind and I’ve been working on the backlog. Right now I’m about 1/3 through the recipes. Which would be fabulous but for the fact that we’re 2/3 through the month I set aside for this.

I foresee taking advantage of the Labor Day weekend to do data entry. But them’s the breaks.

Haven’t started on the inking yet, either. Honestly, I needed a bit of a break from the drawing desk after than last push to finish the pencils. Plus, I’m still deciding the best strategy–whether it’s best to ink each page in turn and only handle each page once OR ink all of one character for 90 pages, then the next, and so forth. The latter seems really inefficient EXCEPT when you consider the changes that can occur between page 1 and page 90–doing all of the same thing ensures a certain amount of consistency and I can catch changes in my pencils quicker.

But I really like the idea of only handling each page once more (aside from scanning). So I’ll be giving the matter more thought and starting one tactic or another soon.

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