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There’s Ink! On Pages!

For real, see?!

First 4 Pages of What to Feed Your Raiding Party Intro
No more ghostly pencils!

Yeah, I know it’s a blurry cell-phone picture–it’s still proof!

I did the first 4 pages of the Intro on Sunday. Unfortunately, 3.5 pages is all my hand wanted to do–I’m out of practice on the long inking sessions, I suppose. But, now I know. For the time being the cap will be 3 pages per session. Part of it, though, is my pesky insistence on things like details and backgrounds; silly artist, huh?

An illustration order came in this week, so as soon as that is taken care of I’ll be back to racking up the inked pages! Wohoo!

And the recipe analysis continues, albeit a little slower but it’s going. I also learned something from my little month “off” to work on that part: it didn’t work so well. Turns out I need at least 2 projects going in order to get anything done, otherwise I fall into the I’ve-got-plenty-of-time trap and I don’t like that! Another lesson learned the hard way, right?

But I’ve scheduled some time off from the day-job at the end of September/beginning of October so I’m still hoping to keep to my December release date. *crosses fingers and toes*


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