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Gotta Love When the Numbers Move Up!

Wow, what a week it’s been!

First, the percentages:

37% Inked Pages

71% Analyzed Recipes

Small progress on the data entry but look at that inking update! It more than doubled. And it was all due to the 6-day “weekend” I just came off of. 3 pages a day on average (some days less, some days more to make the quota), plus a few more than I managed on the evenings before my working vacation began, yielded pretty good results.

My routine became, well, routine. So much so that I started to judge my page-rate by how many Voyagers played while I worked on it. Most pages took a little over 1 Voyager, so about an hour per page. But opening Chapter 2 averaged 3 episodes, minimum! Damn those backgrounds, right? At any rate (pun unintended), I expect to have Chapter 2 completely inked by the end of this weekend.

Progress! I see it!

(Maybe I’ll even show y’all some panels next week–it’s the least I can do for your continued patience with this project!)

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