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The Usual October Slow-Down

You know, even though I cut out one of my usual (as of the last 2 years) October commitments to make the month easier on myself, it doesn’t really matter. Every October is going to be way over-busy and I should just accept it, right?


So I pushed myself this past weekend and managed to finish. chapter. 3. WOHOO! Which means:

60% Inked Pages

Or 54 inked pages out of 90. *does little happy dance*

Of course, Saturday being the BYOP Party means no inking that day and Sunday, well, we’ll see if I can get started on Chapter 4 on Sunday. I’ll put it on the list but it all depends on how late things go Saturday, too.

You see, something else is happening after the party winds down: I’m going to get to play my first D&D game 🙂

I know, I know, all my years of calling myself gamer-adjacent will soon be over! And if this goes well (a 1-off Ravenloft campaign from Todd’s GM archives) I may actually get to play the Paladin I’ve been researching for the last little bit. *does another little happy dance*

I know I said I’d try to post a page from Chapter 3 but I haven’t finished scanning them in and I’ve got party favors and 2 costumes to finish (not to mention the food for the party). Catch you next week for that one.

(And, yes, we’re totally ignoring the other progress meter because–what with the party prep this week–no recipes were added. I’ll be getting back to that once the dust from the party and then Todd & my’s 4th anniversary settles.)

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